My job brought me to Evansville a few years ago.  I was content and living comfortably.  I wasn’t wealthy by any stretch of the imagination, however I had a lot to be thankful for…roof over my head, car, and a small savings tucked away.

They say nobody is exempt from life’s pitfalls.  But for me, let’s just say waking up one day facing homelessness with all of my savings wiped out was inconceivable. I was a victim of theft by an individual I thought I was going to spend the rest of my life with. This living nightmare catapulted me into financial despair.  Frankly, in some aspects, it will take me years to recover.

I decided to pack all of my belongings and live in my car.  No one was the wiser…not my family, nor my co-workers.  It was difficult, but I kept thinking there are others out there that are worse off than I am.  At least I had a car!

The winter months were approaching.  I was unsuccessful in my attempts to save money necessary for a deposit and first month’s rent, so I reached out to a local shelter.  They just had one bed available.  My shoulders dropped 6 inches from relief.  I took what little I had left of my belongings, swallowed my pride, and moved into the shelter.

After a few weeks my name was submitted to Aurora as a potential candidate for their Rapid Rehousing Program.  I received a call from Jennifer to set up a meeting. Her ‘10,000-volt’ smile, her kindness, and her undying support, not to mention her impressive professionalism, helped me reshape my destiny.

It didn’t take long before she had assigned me to a case manager, Alan.   Alan has been my rock!  He remained faithful and steadfast in our partnership to help me reach my short term goals.

Because of Aurora’s Rapid Rehousing Program and the guidance, support, and respect of all of their staff, I am happy to report that I am back on my feet again.  I extend a heartfelt Thank You!  I will remain eternally grateful to Aurora.” ~ Linda F.