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May 2022 News

This month at Aurora: Help women by donating women's hygiene products. "C's" success story - a man gives his mom the Mother's Day gift she always wanted. May's Employee of the Month - Natasha Goodge. Upcoming Events in June and August.

April 2022 News

A client applied with Aurora in March for rental assistance to prevent her eviction after having lost her job when she refused to work while Covid positive, with active symptoms. The client is the head of the household, in a multi-generational minority family. She...

March 2022 News

A client reached out to Aurora for rental and utility assistance though Community Engagement. The case manager working with them immediately recognized a language barrier present.   The client’s first language is Marshallese, and they knew very little English....

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Aurora serves the homeless and those on the edge of homelessness in the Evansville community. Our team not only helps people in need of shelter and supplies, but we strive to prevent and end homelessness altogether in our area. Hundreds of individuals–men, women, children, the disabled, and the re-entry population–are out on the streets at any given night in Evansville. Help us make an impact in our community today by supporting our mission. Any donation amount, whether large or small, can help us move families off the streets and to their new homes.

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