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The Struggle

It is getting more difficult every day to find affordable housing that meets HUD requirements that housing is decent, safe and sanitary.  I have been a HUD certified housing inspector for 6 years. It has always been a struggle to find landlords that are willing to...

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If you can’t feed a hundred people…

“If you can’t feed a hundred people, then just feed one.” This quote from Mother Teresa hangs in my office as a daily reminder.  When we serve the homeless we are not serving an abstract concept or only trying to reduce some statistic (number of homeless in our...

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Pull out your ID.  Take a look at it.  I bet you are critical about the picture; would you really like it better if you could have smiled?  Now embrace your ID.  That’s right, hold it up to your cheek, gaze at it longingly, and truly appreciate it because most of you...

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