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Staff Retreat

Yesterday, our entire staff attended a “mandatory” retreat with the goal to bring our team together and to re-establish the bonds that wear down, that only comes with the day to day tasks of dealing with crisis after crisis each day.  A woman from Leadership...

Part 4: I bid you ado…

As I think back over the last fifteen years I have so many great memories. Taking the staff to New York for a conference and chasing down the hotel van through the streets of Queens so we could get back to the hotel Being delayed in Chicago because of weather...

Join Our Mission

Aurora serves the homeless and those on the edge of homelessness in the Evansville community. Our team not only helps people in need of shelter and supplies, but we strive to prevent and end homelessness altogether in our area. Hundreds of individuals–men, women, children, the disabled, and the re-entry population–are out on the streets at any given night in Evansville. Help us make an impact in our community today by supporting our mission. Any donation amount, whether large or small, can help us move families off the streets and to their new homes.

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