Before coming to Aurora I had been a stay at home mom for 15 years. I had cleaned houses most of that time to supplement my husband’s income. My kids were big enough that I thought it was time to get a regular part time job. I had done several different jobs prior to having children and wasn’t sure what direction I should go. I had known Luzada for nine years and knew she worked for Aurora. I thought I would ask her if she had any part time positions available. She said that they were just starting a new program that was a part time position. Within the week I went in and interviewed for the job. Up to this point I didn’t really know what the job was about. I was amazed when I went in for the interview. My previous jobs were: offsite property manager for 10 HUD funded apartment complexes, an accounting specialist for a head hunter company, and a compliance clerk for Toyota Motor Credit for three years right before I had my first child. I was also one of the coordinators of my church’s food ministry.  The position available at Aurora was a piece of each of these jobs. I was feeling really intimidated about getting back into the work force, but was also excited because it seemed like the job had been made just for me.


Patty and Aurora’s staff in the summer of 2013

The first few weeks were pretty daunting. I had a few computer skills but needed training on Word and Excel (which is an ongoing process). That didn’t matter though, because my job was becoming so fulfilling. My job was coordinator of the Shelter Plus Care program. I actually get to help house people with certain disabilities. I am also a HUD trained inspector. I get to inspect all the properties that Aurora houses people in to make sure that they are safe, secure and decent places to live. As I am coming up on 5 years of working for Aurora I have taken on other roles. I am the coordinator of the Bridges Out of Poverty trainings, I am the compliance liaison for Vision 1505, and help the HST program with closing paperwork. I love my job. It is a privilege to work with the people that I do. It is an adventure to work with the clients that I have, and it’s a joy to work for a company whose vision and goal is to serve people whom others can’t or aren’t willing to help.


Patty and coworker Wendy playing games at a Christmas party

Patty as served as the Housing Specialist and Shelter Plus Care staff person at Aurora for nearly 5 years.  She lives in Posey County with her husband and three daughters.