I am actually mid-vacation as I write my blog today. That was my mistake for not looking at the calendar on the right day, but at the same time it brings up an important concept that I figured I might as well share. I think about my clients all the time. Even on vacation.

I like to think of it as a good thing, like I see my clients for the people and personalities they are, and not the clients and problems they have. I go to a garage sale and I see a really loud print top and I say to myself “that is so Janet” or see a card and think “this would really brighten Joe’s day since the recent death of his mother”. I have close relationships with my clients and I believe it is through those strong and encouraging working relationships that people are able to develop the self-esteem and hope to try again or try a creative way to make changes to their lives.


I have worked in several areas of social work including child welfare, developmental disabilities, and now homeless populations. In this particular population, I notice that there are less single people experiencing homelessness and more families. I did a presentation at USI over the subject for a graduate school class a month or two ago and realized that my passion is in families and children. I think one of the reasons of why I am in love with my job  so much is that I get to see these wonderful and resilient kids every day. I don’t go a day without thinking about at least one of my clients or their wonderful kids. It’s no wonder I look forward to coming into work each day, because to me, they make my work worthwhile.



Katie Kemmerlin has been a Case Coordinator for the Housing Support Team Program at Aurora since October 2012. Katie has a Bachelor’s degree in Social Work from the University of Southern Indiana and is currently enrolled in the Master’s program. Katie has had previous experience working vulnerable populations in the child welfare system as well as people with developmental disabilities.