Vision has changed our lives in so many ways. Besides just giving us a permanent place to call our home, we now have a place we can feel comfortable in. The first day we moved in my child sat on our couch and, with a tear in his eye, said that we can’t live here. When I asked why, he said,“We can’t afford something this nice.”

Vision gave me “peace” of mind. We have a place to sleep. We have a place to stay. Vision gave us the joy of our family back. Vision took away a lot of stress off of our shoulders. We feel safe and secure now that we will have a place today and tomorrow.

My boys have been through a lot in their short years. Before we moved in, they never even had dressers that they could use. Now they not only have a dresser, but also a peace of mind that when they leave for a day their things will be safe in their dresser where they left them. The boys know that their things are safe in their home. They know that they are safe in their home.

When a child has to worry about where he will sleep, he can’t always do well in school. Since we moved in and received the after school tutoring, my child went from C’s to A’s on his report card. He is now able to worry about kid stuff rather than where we will lay our heads. Vision gave us a future we did not have.




Photo Courtesy: Amity Photography