Success Story: Words from an Aurora Case Manager

This month we are focusing on housing pairs, and what better pair to talk about than a man and his granny? An individual who was released less than 6 months from Department of Corrections for a violation of his parole had never asked for help before. He had always felt self-sufficient, after all he was over 60 years old.

One day he expressed some concerns to a parole officer about a place of his own, and maybe even having his granny live with him. He was referred to staff and we started the process. After hearing him talk about how supportive Granny was of him and the situation she was in at the time, it was hard to say no.

Housing him and Granny together has been great for both of them. With combining their incomes, they are able to budget better, Granny has safe housing and her own space and her grandson is able to take care of her and ensure her needs are being met. Also, Granny says “She might be 88 but can still keep him in line”.

Employee Spotlight

Katie Kreager

Katie was January’s employee of the month! She is Aurora’s Vision 1505 Team Lead, and goes above and beyond to make sure client needs are met. Vision 1505 is Aurora’s Permanent Supportive Housing Homes for families. Katie has been working diligently to get Aurora on the right track and start 2022 fresh after a rough year of dealing with COVID-19. Aurora is so grateful for all of Katie’s hard work through out the years. Thank you Katie!

Murder Mystery

April 29th, 2022

Aurora’s Murder Mystery Dinner is back! This thrilling fundraiser will benefit all of Aurora’s programs, helping house those most vulnerable in the Evansville Community.

Trivia Tonight

June 24th, 2022

Aurora’s 15th Annual Trivia Tonight Event will take place at Bally’s Riverfront Events Plaza. The purpose of this fundraiser is to support Aurora’s many programs that help house those experiencing homelessness in the Evansville Community.

Golf Scramble

August 19th, 2022

Aurora’s annual Golf Scramble hosted by IBEW Local 16 & NECA is a fun summer event that raises money in support of Aurora’s mission: creating solutions to prevent and end homelessness in our community.