Staying positive can serve as our best weapon against our most challenging moments!

It has been 21 months since I was given the opportunity to become a part of the “Aurora Family.” During this time, I have been able to cross paths with many courageous individuals and families; who during the hardest times, found they were fighting challenging and unanticipated life battles head on—most often feeling alone. It is within these hardships, that folks like me (social service workers) are hopeful we will be able to provide support, an action plan, and most importantly—hope. While it’s important to recognize our failures and learn from them, it can be even more beneficial to acknowledge our successes and share our strengths. With this in mind, I’ve compiled a success story that I feel grateful to be a part of for each month that I have been able to serve our community as an Aurora team member.


Sara Vaughn, MSW     

Assessment Specialist



1. Alongside Aurora’s direction & support–a stranded young couple was able to raise the funding via Vanderburgh county’s community resources to return to their home through networking & advocating for themselves

2. Local woman excelled as an Aurora ‘Bridge Client’ & is maintaining stable housing

3. Persistence paid off when a motivated young mother secures a spot for her family at a local family shelter

4. Aurora collaborated with a struggling family to prevent their eviction by mending a support network the family had thought they had lost

5. Local church came through to save a deserving family from eviction

6. Aurora celebrated with victorious mother who found help within the community for help in funding a copy of her child’s birth certificate—a necessity for qualifying for income-based housing

7. A courageous woman found support & encouragement after being referred to a local domestic violence help center

8. Aurora helped a resident of a local men’s shelter who was challenged by his criminal background find affordable housing through a private landlord

9. Aurora connected a disabled senior citizen to a nonprofit assisted living facility where he still resides

10. Young family living in their vehicle took a step forward into local transitional housing & gained employment

11. Young woman found peace after gaining personal insight into her addictions & requested help in getting connected to a rehabilitation center

12. Man who battled a lifetime struggle with homelessness was pleasantly surprised when a subsidized apartment unit becomes available for him

13. Financial assistance agencies came through to prevent an eviction of a young father who had unexpectedly lost his job

14. A deserving woman found success within Aurora’s rapid rehousing program

15. Aurora collaborated with local apartment complex who agreed to decrease first month’s rent & deposit price for a couple living with a visual impairment

16. ‘Vanderburgh Homeless Connect’ community event exceeded number of attendees from prior year

17. A near homeless US veteran began receiving benefits through the Veteran’s Association through persistent inquiries & an Aurora advocate

18.  A young mother overcame a debilitating eating disorder & “found hope within Aurora’s walls to get back on her feet”

19. Aurora helped to find a retiree a community resource that helped him replace his roof on his house—preventing him from having to find other housing

20. With the support of Aurora, a struggling family was able to find stable housing that enabled their children to return to their care

21. After being able to share her story & vent her concerns, Aurora helped a young struggling have an “AHA moment”—she doesn’t always have to be the strong one