Strategic Plan 2013-2016

Summary of Goals & Objectives

Focus Area: Mission & Programming

Goal 1: The mission will be reviewed and revised if needed.

  • Objective: Determine if the current mission is meeting the needs of the community and clients (potential and current).

Goal 2: Current programming of the organization should meet the needs of the community and clients, as well as plan accordingly for the future.

  • Objective:  A formal evaluation process will be developed for all programs.
  • Objective:  The program areas of homeless prevention and housing development will be explored further.
  • Objective:  Incorporate clients into decision making roles.

Focus Area: Organizational Capacity

Goal 1: To meet the needs of the growing organization, the Board of Directors should evaluate and improve procedures and structures as needed.

  • Ensure the number of Board members meets the standards of the by-laws and continue growth of the Board to aid in promotion and security of the organization.
  • Examine current Board committees and revise to meet the needs of the organization.
  • Develop board commitment and boarding procedures.

Goal 2: To better address the needs of the organization and its personnel, staffing levels and compensation should be evaluated.

  • Evaluate staffing deficits to ensure that high priority organizational needs are being met.
  • Review salary bases and compensation levels to ensure wages are competitive and appropriate.

Goal 3: The overall improvement of the basic infrastructure should be assessed to ensure preparedness, growth and effectiveness of the organization and its programming.

  • Develop and implement a succession plan for the Executive Director position.
  • Address the lack of physical space for operations.
  • Review marketing and branding strategies of the organization.
  • IT systems will be improved to meet the needs of employees and therefore increase effectiveness.
  • Replace old vehicles with more reliable vehicles.

Focus Area: Fund Development

Goal 1: In order to establish a three-month operating reserve, additional revenue, based on the budgeted public support income class, will be generated each year.

  • Funds from individual donors, groups, and corporations will increase at minimum 5 percent each year.
  • Fundraising event income will increase by 5 to 10 percent each year.
  • Private grant income will increase by 3 percent each year.

Goal 2: To ensure financial stability, the total number of financial donors will increase by 20 percent each year.

  • The number of financial donors in each tier will increase by 10-20 percent each year.

Goal 3: Board members and staff will explore mission-driven, business opportunities to expand revenue and promote organizational sustainability.

  • Understand the needs of the organization in terms of scale of business and research existing businesses ran by non-profits in the region and nation.