Staff Bios


 Luanne Johns, BS, Finance & Operations Director

luanneLuanne Johns joined Aurora in August 2010 as the Finance and Operations Manager.  She graduated from Indiana State University of Evansville (now University of Southern Indiana) in 1980 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting and a minor in Computer Science.  After graduation, she spent ten years in coal and transportation-related industries. In 1991 she moved to Houston, Texas to work for a privately owned commercial real estate enterprise that operated in seven states.  During that time she also managed the IT activities in three regional offices.  Luanne returned to the Evansville area in 2004.  She was an active volunteer with youth groups and was 4-H council secretary during the years her daughter Heather was in school.  Luanne currently is involved with the Brain Injury Adventure Camp being developed in Robards, KY for those with brain injuries, special needs and other disabilities.

Susan Steinkamp, MSW, Program Director

Susan Steinkamp joined Aurora’s Outreach Team in November of 2003. She also worked as an intern with Aurora through the University of Southern Indiana where she received her Master of Social Work degree. As an outreach coordinator with the homeless team, Susan works with people living on the street and in shelters. She provides intensive case management which includes linking people to the social services that are in place and assisting with housing, employment, legal, financial and medical needs. She also works to get food and clothing to homeless people.  Recently Susan shifted positions.  She currently is the Program Director with a busy schedule.  Susan is married and has one adult daughter and granddaughter. She is a long time member of Patchwork Central, an inner city ministry providing after-school programs for children and neighborhood support. She has served on the Patchwork board, coordinated the food pantry and most recently was director of the after-school tutoring program. Susan currently serves as Vice-President for the Board of House of Bread and Peace.

MeLissa Sutton, Receptionist

MeLissa joined Aurora as the Receptionist in February 2017.   Born and raised in Evansville, she is the proud mother of three children ages 12, 13 and 14.  MeLissa graduated from Harrison High School in 1998.  She spent 6 years as the Office Assistant/Purchasing Agent for the cylinder shop at Perfection Hydraulics Inc.  She has also held positions in marketing and sales with a few other businesses.  Her passion for the community and some life experiences led her to become a volunteer with Aurora in late 2016 which then led to a permanent and fulltime position with Aurora as the receptionist.  MeLissa is a proud community advocate in the fight against Domestic Violence and its effects on homelessness in our community.  She is also a part of the GAIN anti-poverty initiative with the Evansville Christian Life Center.

 Murphy Jones, BS, Intake Specialist

Murphy Jones joined Aurora as the Crisis Intervention Specialist in May 2017. Before working at Aurora, Murphy obtained an Associate’s Degree in Early Childhood Education from Ivy Tech Community College and worked as a daycare teacher.  She decided to change directions and began working towards her Bachelor of Social Work degree from the University of Southern Indiana, which she received in May of 2017.  During the BSW program, Murphy completed an internship at the House of Bread and Peace.  This internship confirmed her passion for the homeless population and also survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault.  Murphy is currently in the Master of Social Work program at USI.   Murphy is married and is a proud dog mom to her three beagles.  She volunteers at local humane societies to fulfill her passion for animals.  Murphy “adopted” a black bear named Summitt from the Appalachian Bear Rescue and continues to be an animal rights advocate.

W. David Parker, MSW, LSW, Case Manager,  Homeless Outreach Team (HOT)

David ParkerDavid Parker provides direct services to clients as well as his case management experience to team members. He works closely with the Vanderburgh County Drug Court, the Stepping Stone Addictions Treatment Center, and the Substance Abuse Council in advocating to homeless about housing for this population. His knowledge of the addiction treatment and support resources in the community allows him to better provide information to people wanting help for their addiction. David also visits the Rescue Mission Shelter and the United Caring Shelters on a weekly basis and goes on our Friday Outreach trip to the shelters and homeless people in our community.  David has worked with disadvantaged persons of Evansville for the last eight years. Before coming to Aurora, David worked at the Stepping Stone Treatment Center. He received his BSW and MSW from the University of Southern Indiana and is a member of NASW. He is a licensed Social Worker in both the state of Indiana and Kentucky.

Carrie Burress, B.S., Case Manager, Homeless Outreach Team (HOT)

Carrie joined Aurora as an intern from the University of Southern Indiana in August 2017. She was hired by Aurora to serve on our Street Outreach team in November 2017.  This April, Carrie will graduate from USI with a Bachelor degree in social work.
She has a passion for helping people that struggle with homelessness, especially those with substance abuse and/or mental health issues.
When not busy with school and work, Carrie spends her spare time playing for Evansville’s roller derby team, The Demolition City Roller’s.

Natasha Goodge, BSW, Team Lead,  PATH 

NatashaNatasha Goodge served as an Aurora intern while completing her BSW at USI in 2006.  Upon completion, she began working as a social work case manager at Echo Community Health’s homeless health clinic.  She has since completed her MSW and left ECHO to complete an internship with the Department of Veterans’ Affairs.  Natasha received her LSW in 2011 and became a Case Coordinator of Aurora’s Homeless Outreach Team (HOT) in 2012.

Rose Duran, BSW, Re-Entry Team Lead


Rose Duran joined Aurora in June 2013. She started out working on the Homeless Outreach Team and then took the Re-Entry Team Lead position in 2017.  She provides re-entry services for men and women coming out of incarceration that are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless. She works together with clients to identify barriers to a successful transition including, but not limited to, mental/physical health, substance abuse, housing, employment, and education, in addition to identifying network of supports, both natural and created.  Rose assists the client in working alongside collaborative partners, including service providers, community agencies, families, educational facilities, justice professionals, and victims of crime to overcome these barriers. She received her Bachelor of Social Work degree from the University of Southern Indiana in 2013.  During her undergraduate training, she interned with Aurora’s Homeless Outreach Team, Vision 1505, and ECHO Housing. Rose is a member of Holy Rosary Catholic Church and enjoys spending time with her husband and three children.

Shelbie Auberry, BS, Case Manager, Re-Entry 

Shelbie joined Aurora as an intern from the USI in August 2017. She was hired by Aurora as a case manager in the Re-Entry department in Jan 2018.  This April, Shelbie will graduate with a Bachelor degree in social work. Early into her college studies she discovered she wanted to work with the offender population; so, Aurora’s Re-Entry was a perfect fit for her.

  Patty Pyle, Beacon PSH Partnership


Patty Pyle joined Aurora, Inc. in November of 2008. She is the Housing Inspector for all housing programs and is the coordinator of the Beacon PSH program. She coordinates the Bridges Out of Poverty training and serves on the Advisory Council. Patty is also Project Manager for Vision 1505 and is the Housing Broker for the Rapid Rehousing program.  She completed the Housing Quality Standards training for HUD (Housing and Urban Development) in November 2008, and received her certification as a HUD housing inspector in December 2008. Patty previously worked for Toyota Motor Credit as a loan compliance specialist. Prior to that she worked for a property management company and was an off-site project manager for ten apartment complexes that were HUD subsidized. Patty performed all compliance pieces required by HUD and managed the ten property managers on site.


Donna Huddleston, Research & Development Specialist

Donna joined Aurora’s team in January of this year as the Research & Development Specialist.  Adapting quickly to her responsibilities, she has also embraced the duties of Program Coordinator for Aurora’s PSH (permanent supportive housing) Program.  Prior to coming to Aurora, Donna worked in human resources as an independent contractor.  She describes herself as an imperfect Christian, wife and proud mother of three.  She lives by the motto “I am not successful unless WE are successful.”  In her free time, Donna enjoys spending time with her daughter and grand babies, watching her boys play sports & traveling with her husband whenever they get the chance.  She reports that in her short time at Aurora, she has learned so much and is deeply humbled by the opportunity to positively contribute to our community.


Sierra Riordan, BS, Team Lead, Vision 1505

Sierra began her journey to understanding the homeless epidemic in Vanderburgh County when she joined Aurora’s Housing Support Team as their intern in the fall of 2013.  After working with HST, Sierra soon realized her passion lied about helping and working with the homeless population. At the completion of her internship with the HST team, Sierra transferred her internship to Aurora’s Vision 1505 program.  It was during this time Sierra’s passion for the families at Vision grew. Sierra was excited to initiate a tutoring program at Vision, where she engaged ten students consistently for 12 weeks. The program proved a success and Sierra’s love for helping the families of Vision grew stronger. Upon completing her Bachelor Degree of Social Work, she joined the Vision staff. After serving as the community engagement specialist, and case manager, Sierra now serves as Team Lead for Vision 1505 and loving every second of it.  Sierra recently got married to her husband in September 2014. Sierra’s favorite vacation spot is Walt Disney World.  She loves horseback riding and playing recreational softball.


Alan Lentz, BS, Team Lead, Housing Support Team (HST)

Alan joined Aurora in June 2013. He began with Aurora as a case coordinator on the Housing Support Team.  Alan currently serves as the Team Lead for the Housing Support Team.  Alan graduated with a Bachelor’s of Science from the University of Southern Indiana in 2007.  He came to Aurora after serving as the Resident Director of the Evansville Rescue Mission. Alan has been involved with a wide spectrum of people in need. His passion is to work with the Homeless population and help them go from positions of weakness to positions of strength. His goal is to one day be able to open a Homeless Shelter to help ease the burden on the shelters in our area.

Erin Matthers, Case Manager, Housing First

Erin joined Aurora in October 2017 as a Rapid Rehousing Case Manager. In May 2017, she graduated from Indiana State University.
Erin has a two year old son, who is the center of her world. She has a passion for helping those in need and especially those with HIV/AIDS. We love working with Erin and she has been a GREAT addition to Team Aurora!!