Our Results

Results for 2017:

Last year was quite an amazing year for Aurora and our efforts to eradicate homelessness.    For the first time in 4 years, we saw a drop in our homeless count and, probably more critical, we saw a 27% drop from individuals experiencing long-term homelessness!!  That means when someone does experience homelessness it is becoming shorter in duration.  This is a huge positive sign, that as a community, we are moving our programs and methods in the right direction!  The combination of permanent supportive housing, case management, our street team-(that is thriving despite the HUD cuts from a year and half ago) and a coordinated city-wide assessment process are all working collectively at ending homelessness in our community.  

Other key highlights, through your donations and volunteering:

    • We moved into our new building.
    • We built a huge storage pole barn for donated furniture—we always need bed frames, mattresses, kitchen tables, chairs and couches.
    • Through CAJE’s advocacy, our County Commissioners voted to fund a second full-time case manager for Re-Entry.  This will enable us to serve more clients.  Last year’s recidivism rate for Re-Entry clients working with Aurora was 8% compared to the State Average of 37%!!  This proved your voice can make a difference!
    • We have now grown to 101 unique monthly donors!  This is truly providing some needed and necessary financial stability that isn’t grant reliant.  
  • We served 558 individuals:  361 adults and 197 children

Vision 1505, served 183 people with 48% being children.  Vision is Aurora’s permanent supportive housing apartment complex.  This complex is usually full at capacity with residents being formerly homeless.

Beacon—Our program that works with clients that have HIV as well as people with mental or physical disabilities is currently working with 19 clients with all of them being placed in permanent housing!!

HOT-Homeless Outreach Team: This team is the only group in the Tri-State dedicated to working on the streets on a daily basis.  While we distributed kits and supplies to well over 1,000 homeless people and children living on the streets, our HOT continues to reach those that are the most vulnerable. So far this year we have reached out to 127, enrolled 44 as active clients and 14 have been exited to safe affordable housing.

Re-Entry, one of our prevention programs, serves people coming out of prison.  We currently have 65 enrolled in our program and 12 of of those being dependent children.  As productive community members, our clients have become self-sufficient by attaining jobs, housing & are reconnecting with their families.

Rapid Rehousing—our program that helps people living in transitional homeless shelters and other temporary places to transition into permanent housing. Rapid Rehousing served 284 people (125 were children and 159 were adults).