Workplace Giving

Matching Gifts

If your company matches charitable gifts, you may be able to double or even triple your gift. Contact your human resources office to learn if your company matches gifts and request the matching gift form. Complete the form and send it with your gift to Aurora or send it after you have made your gift. Some companies will match gifts retroactively.

 Workplace Campaigns & Fundraisers

Aurora is always searching for local and regional companies and their employees to host giving campaigns, drives and fundraisers to help support our mission to prevent and end homelessness. Endeavors can be very simple or very elaborate, but either way, they make a huge difference! Examples of workplace support have included supply drives for items on our wish list, Jeans Days, luncheons, game nights, etc.  For more ideas or help with coordination, please contact us at or 812-428-3246.

United Way Campaigns

In 2011, Aurora was proudly named a partner agency of United Way of Southwestern Indiana. Each year, Aurora participates in a grant process and is awarded funds from United Way to support our Homeless Outreach Team. Aurora encourages employees of companies who are United Way contributors to participate in the workplace campaign. To find out if your company participates, contact your human resources department or United Way at 812-422-4100.