Staff Retreat

Yesterday, our entire staff attended a “mandatory” retreat with the goal to bring our team together and to re-establish the bonds that wear down, that only comes with the day to day tasks of dealing with crisis after crisis each day.

 A woman from Leadership Evansville, Lynn, and her fabulous assistant, Julie, spoke to us at the Daughters of Charity site about strengthening our relationships within our work family – all to propel us into a performance phase of mastery in the delivering of homeless services and moving from the ordinary to extraordinary.

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Testimonial – Meet Linda

My job brought me to Evansville a few years ago.  I was content and living comfortably.  I wasn’t wealthy by any stretch of the imagination, however I had a lot to be thankful for…roof over my head, car, and a small savings tucked away.

They say nobody is exempt from life’s pitfalls.  But for me, let’s just say waking up one day facing homelessness with all of my savings wiped out was inconceivable.…

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Part 4: I bid you ado…


As I think back over the last fifteen years I have so many great memories.

  • Taking the staff to New York for a conference and chasing down the hotel van through the streets of Queens so we could get back to the hotel
  • Being delayed in Chicago because of weather returning from a conference in Boston with Jenny Ballard who made the extended stay a pure joy
  • Seeing so many staff complete their master’s degree, get married or start families
  • Parading down Lincoln because our then Executive Director wanted all the staff to see the beautiful Hibiscus blooming outside Penny John’s
  • Counting 500,000 pennies at Eastland Mall for Street Relief
  • Watching Sharon Hafer drive a 1937 truck that was donated to us that barely had a floorboard out of the parking lot
  • Sitting in the Commissioners’ office with Patty Avery and Peggy Bazaldua making sure every word of Destination: Home conveyed the exact thought that was intended
  • Being surprised with Luzada Hayes Day in the City of Evansville and the great video – Aug.

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You are a part of me.

As I sit here at an empty desk, I’m a ball of emotions, unsure of how to feel exactly, because it is my last day with Aurora. I started my journey (and yes, it truly was a journey…) with Aurora three and half years ago. This was my first leap into the administrative side of social work and the non-profit world.…

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Part 2: Luzada’s Departure

This is Part 2 of a four-part series over the next month as Luzada’s time at Aurora comes to a close. She will be retiring from her current position as Executive Director on December 31. Part 1 can be found here.

My quest to end homelessness has been filled with so many opportunities that I wouldn’t have had otherwise. I have attended national conferences in Washington DC, New York, Los Angeles, Boston, and Denver.…

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